Thursday, July 7, 2011


East Timorese women on average give birth to between 6 and 8 children. Which means that when I go for a walk to the main road from where I am staying, I get chased by kids who scream "Malae Foto!" (Foreigner! Photo!) This is a small sample of what happens every day.
GNR soldiers were patrolling the beach near us. They made the mistake of leaving the beach when the children finished school. Kids chased the car and tried to hang on for the free lift up the road.

I took the photos of the floor because if my photo went to eyeline, then I would have been swamped by kids. I always feel like the Pied Piper of Hamelin in the sense that instead of a pipe, I have a camera.

Kids fighting to get into my photo.

Kids chasing my taxi as I was leaving Marinir/Beto Tasi

Grilled fish on the beach. I think they are about $2 each?

Coconut Beach from the taxi

Kids in Marinir on the way home

Sunset on the beach

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