Saturday, July 30, 2011

Asulau Part Three

This whole post is about cooking. While living in Asulau, I shared food with the family I was staying with. It became clear that it was the women were left to cook and clean, while men tended the fields. Meals consisted of rice (from the family's rice paddies), cassava leaf, two minute noodles, chicken, and a meat which they told me was goat (I am skeptical). It came to my attention that although the family was generous with their food, it just lacked basic food groups, and that malnutrition in the country was related to both the unavailability of food, as well as poor education on food choices.
I should probably emphasize that I am back in Australia now and posting pics as I edit/review them.

Noni, 12, who cooked all the meals. I guess it is very much the roll of girls in the patriarchal Timorese society.
Food is cooked above a wood fire.
Cassava leaves are a staple diet in Timor, as well as most of the archipelago.
Dog keeping warm by the fire. Dog's are not kept as pets..

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