Monday, January 27, 2014

Advanced Poling

Security guards lock the gates at Banbangkapi High School in response to threats by antigovernment protestors. 

A lone protestor sits and meditates in protest at a closed Sukhumvit poling booth. The protestor is facing towards a bunch of antigovernment protestors

Election officials remove ballot boxes and other election materials from a closed Sukhumvit poling booth. 

Election officials remove ballot boxes and other election materials from a closed Sukhumvit poling booth.

Empty poling stations at Wat Sri lam. This poling box was sealed shortly after the image was taken.
A police officer looks on as election officials being closing the Wat Sri lam poling booth. Approximately one hour after this image was taken, Sutin Tharati, a predominant antigovernment protest leader was shot and killed and nine others injured outside Wat Sri Lam.

'Evidence' found at a car near the site of the shooting. From my understanding, the car swerved to stop the assassins from following the convoy. 

The injured and deceased were rushed to Wipawan Hospital

A man who was aboard the targeted truck. The man claimed that Sutin Tharati's body fell from the to of the truck and landed on him. He checked himself for injuries and realised the blood was from the victims. He thanked his amulet and charms. 

Sutin Tharati's hat. 

Grieving relatives at the Wipawan Hospital

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Slowpaced Trainwreck.

Bangkok Shutdown. 

Protestors set up a large marquee to provide shade during the midday sun. Asok Intersection 

Protestors sleep in the tray of their ute, Lumphini.

Early morning, Lumphini

Protestors hurl insults at police and conspire to enter the Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

Protestors at the front of the Metropolitan Police Headquarters

Protestors at the Metropolitan Police Headquarters
A few hours after a deadly explosion, protestors fortify road blocks to major protest sites. 
Lat Phrao
Bored emergency medical staff. 
Lat Phrao. A former French Foreign Legion mercenary uses a scope to search for snipers in a nearby building. 
Backstage at MBK protest site. 
A street vendor restocks a stand of whistles - a symbol synonymous with protest in Bangkok. I would be happy if I were permitted to smash every fucking one. 

Security at the Lumphini site check the papers of people entering. 
Security stop a taxi. 
Security guard.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bangkok Shutdown

Anti-Government protestors gather at the Victory Monument, Bangkok, Thailand. 

Monday, January 6, 2014


My friend Tash, Amy, and I were walking down Brunswick Street when we noticed Slawka waiting for a tram. Tash went to grab my camera to take a shot but I kind of desperately wanted to talk to him and find out who he was and what his story was. I guess in a way, it was like a camera cock block? (Sorry Tash!!!)

Slawka is a poet, performer, actor, and inspired Chrissy Amphlett's dress sense.

I quickly grabbed a couple of shots, exchanged emails, and will be catching up with him to see a punk band next Sat. 


Edinburgh Gardens.

The sun falls on 2013.

There were these amazing firedancers there. She said she just picked it up while drinking with friends. 

Glow stick lanterns. 

Apparently this DJ was famous. Apparently the police are out to fine the DJ's who took part in the illegal dance party that night. Apparently this guys from overseas, so hopefully he is safe!

DJ Set