Monday, December 30, 2013


While sitting at the Rum Diary bar in Brunswick St, we noticed a ghost walk past and stare into shop windows. I grabbed my camera and ran across the street to investigate. The gentleman under the fabric's name was Theo. He had draped a curtain and walked down the street because he was bored.

Monday, December 23, 2013


About 10 days ago, my friends Megan and Laurens were out searching for a bar to head to when we noticed a whole people of dressed like santa dancing to the likes of MC Hammer, ACDC, KISS and Public Enemy.

I asked a guy what it was. He told me it was Santafest. Here are the pics. This is why I love this city.

I approached this lovely gentleman and asked what was happening. He asked me if I wanted an edgier pic. With his back to the cops, he pulled out a baggie.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Family Photos

When my family escaped from Vietnam they managed to bring over a handful of photos. Most of them have been tucked away in cupboards for years. I found out about them and scanned them. I decided to try colour some of them. Here they are.

Mum on top of her house in My Tho. The flag in the bottom is that of South Vietnam. 

My grandfather. Apparently this photo was taken a month before he passed away. 

My grandmother and my aunt. Circa 1950.

My cousin Trang out the front of the family store. This photo would have been taken around Tet - the Lunar New Year.

My mum's old home and family store.

My mum and my aunt. My mum would have been my age in the photo. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

VCA Masters

A big shout out to one of my best buddies Adrian Stojkovich for completing his Masters of Fine Arts from the VCA. Here's a pic of that handsome devil dog on his grad night. 

Street Portraits

As of late, my mind has been fairly preoccupied. My childhood home is about to go on sale this weekend. My long term partner and I have decided that we work better as friends. Paperwork keeps flowing in like the tide and dampening any creative efforts. Whenever I get a break from it all, I tend to spend time recovering. This whole process is a fairly isolating one. It's a transitional time in which I have to sow the seeds to reap tomorrow.  This sounds quiet bleak, but it is a necessary process. 

The other day, I decided to head into the city and take some photos. I felt the need to reconnect with the city which I love. Here are some of the pics I got back. 
Trix. Magician who hangs around Flinders St Station. 

Brownie from Brisbane. Union La, Melbourne.