Thursday, April 25, 2013

Take THREE capsules TWICE daily

With all conventional treatment completed months ago, mum has just started on a clinical trial of a new medication. It's a phase one trial, which means its at the first stages of human testing. Basically, they are trying to establish if it's safe for humans as well as trying to establish safe doses.

She had her spot secured on the trial about three weeks ago. She was admitted to the RMH after experiencing a great deal of pain. They took a biopsy, and booked appointments for radio therapy to manage her pain (with limited success).

Two days ago, she started on the new medications. To be honest, so far it has been hell. The first day involved a ten hour day in hospital. Half a dozen sets of blood tests taken throughout the marathon day.

Since then, mum has experienced a great deal of nausea. She is perpetually sleepy and dizzy. It's terrible to see such a strong person go through such hell.

Over the past two nights, she has been vomiting. I think the first time I ever saw her vomit was probably this time last year. In the past 48 hours, she has thrown up 4 times.

Nurse Thobi inserts a needle into mum's arm. Although mum has had more needles than a pin cushion, she still hates them. 

Much like mum, I have deceptively visible vains which are incredibly hard to draw blood from. After two attempts to insert a cannula in her left arm, it was decided that her right arm would be better. 

At 6 pm, we were the last people to leave the normally busy oncology day centre at the Royal Melbourne. It's amazing how much of a difference a tablet can make to boredom.

Mum this morning. After waking up and walking around the house, she returned to bed tired. This is her talking to my uncle on the phone. 

Although sleepy, the medications make her restless. She wanted to sleep, but lying in bed made her feel uneasy. I caught her sleeping sitting at the edge of her bed.