Thursday, July 7, 2011


My mate wanted to head to Bali for a while. I didn't. I have always judged people who go to Bali as Bintang shirt wearing, southern cross bearing, braided hair people. It was a fairly narrow minded point of view (but also fairly justified). The culture does exist, however, there is also an amazing service industry, beautiful landscapes, and amazing people. 
Merpati flight from Dili to Denpasar. Service was surprisingly good.

I took this while I was out on the piss. I think we were walking to KFC to eat a bucket of chicken. I think they were doing road works?

Graf which I can only assume reflects Westerners demands and Balinese service.

Cool Graf

Inside a Magic Mushroom street stall

Random guy playing guitar.

Old Mick Jagger looking Balinese guy who was getting foreigners to buy him drinks while he rocked out to the cover band who would break out into punk rock interpretations of songs by The Killers, RATM, etc.

Paddy's Bar, Kuta

Francesca, a 22 year old ladyboy from Borneo. Initially, she chased me down the streets trying to grab my penis. I later came across her later and made it clear I didn't want a massage or sex. We had a pretty interesting chat. 

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