Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Street Portraits

As of late, my mind has been fairly preoccupied. My childhood home is about to go on sale this weekend. My long term partner and I have decided that we work better as friends. Paperwork keeps flowing in like the tide and dampening any creative efforts. Whenever I get a break from it all, I tend to spend time recovering. This whole process is a fairly isolating one. It's a transitional time in which I have to sow the seeds to reap tomorrow.  This sounds quiet bleak, but it is a necessary process. 

The other day, I decided to head into the city and take some photos. I felt the need to reconnect with the city which I love. Here are some of the pics I got back. 
Trix. Magician who hangs around Flinders St Station. 

Brownie from Brisbane. Union La, Melbourne. 

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