Monday, November 18, 2013

Vietnam in the 60s

These pics obviously aren't mine. I found out there was a strip of antique shops in Saigon. It lay fairly close to the Ben Thanh market, which I was at anyway, so I thought I would check it out. There was heaps of cool stuff. Lots of old cameras, statues, pottery, statues, medals, money, and a whole bunch of other amazing old stuff. A lot of it was fake. A lot of it was real. I had a look in one shop which had a really old rollei on display. I asked to have a look at it. I broke it. Awkward..
It was then I noticed a small stash of tranny film in the corner of a cabinet. I flicked through a few boxes. They were mostly crap. Over, under, or just mouldy beyond recognition. Strangely, there were a lot of old photos from the US.
I found a few boxes which interested me for one reason or another, bargained down a good price, and then off I went.
I am currently in the process of clearing my mum's house out for sale. Of course, the most logical thing for me to do would be to procrastinate the crap out of my day. What better way then by scanning these negs?

ARVN Soldier

These boats kind of look like they are made of ordinance

Possibly Hong Kong?

Possibly Hong Kong?

Note the cigarette in the chimps mouth. Also note the foreign soldiers in the background. 

This neg carrier bares the stamp of Mike Roberts Color Productions. Mike Roberts made postcards and photochrome postcards. 

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