Friday, March 29, 2013


This happened a few weeks ago, but I just haven't really had time to pop them online.

A few weeks ago on a Sunday night, mum had been feeling quiet out of it all day. She was in a great deal of pain and was determined to sleep on the couch sitting upright in front of the tv as it hurt too much to lie on her back. I called ED at Royal Melbourne who told me to bring her in. She didn't want to wait in the waiting room and thought that she would be fine throughout the night. The doctors told her to double dose on her pain meds. 
The next morning, we travelled to ED. We sat in one of the all too familiar cubicles and listened to the screaming of trauma victims for several hours until a bed cleared in the wards. She was admitted for two nights. In that time, she received a lung biopsy (which she would have had done anyway as part of a new trial she is taking) and was booked in for radiotherapy. 
Last weekend, my cousin Khoa, a little under a year older than me was married to his partner. When everything was going down with mum, I was really worried she would be too ill to make the wedding. Fortunately, she recovered splendidly and was made it on Khoa's special day. 
You'll have to forgive the writing on this. If it does not make sense, its because I am tired. 

Mum struggling to get into bed. The pain was in her right ribs. Doctors suspect the cancer has spread to her bone and increased swelling making it incredibly painful to breath or lie on.
Before the meds kicked in.

She always leaves her slippers in the hallway, which is particularly annoying at night when you trip on them. It also means that she is at home, and most likely in her room. 

Waiting in a cubical at RMH ED

Initial consultation with Radiologist. 

Praying the morning of Khoa's wedding. The dress in the background is a traditional Vietnamese ao dai.
At Carol (the brides) house on the morning of the wedding.

Press scrum for the wedding party.
Mum leave a note for the couple on red cloth. Kind of like a giant fabric card.


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