Friday, January 27, 2012

Santa Mask

After going for a stroll down the beach near where I was staying in Marinir, I was lucky enough to run into a few young men who asked me to pay their village a visit. Beto-Tasi sits literally metres from Dili's President Nicolau Lebato airport. From one of the traditional thatched houses, something not usually seen in Dili, you can see the airport's radar equipment sitting not much more than 50 metres away.
The families living in the village had come from all over Timor. An older lady with whom I was lucky to have a conversation with (all be it in my crappy broken Tetun and her son's crappy broken English) told me her family had migrated from Oecusse District (a small, seperate region surrounded by Indonesia). 

After a while, the kids had come out with a Santa mask left over from Xmas. The sun died, and I was sitting on the family's porch. This 6(ish) year old put on the mask and posed for me. 

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