Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bloody Big Rain

I named this post after the Facebook status updates of Timorese Cyclist Anche Cabral. I enjoy reading her updates announcing the bloody big rain falling in Lospalos.

A storm approaching Atauro Island

Over the past few months, Timor has been experiencing Baiudan - Wet Season. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a storm wash over the sea - providing you don't get caught outside shelter.

Rain drops fall onto the waters of Wetar Strait
This arvo, I plan on heading to this beautiful little fishing village near the airport. The village sits about 50 metres away from the airport's navigational equipment, and about 100 metres from the side of the runway. The resident's were originally from Oe-cusse, an anexed part of Timor Leste, an area separated from the majority of the country by a stretch of Indonesian West Timor. They arrived approximately three years ago and have set up a small community with houses not dissimilar to those seen in rural parts of Timor.

A storm about to hit Dili