Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reactive Arthritis

Not that I generally like to share information like this, but I had gastro when I arrived back from Timor. It was at most an annoyance, in the sense that I had to plan my day around toilets. However, what came next, I did not foresee. After a few days of strange, painful, and sometimes humiliating symptoms, I realised that I could not walk. We decided that it was best to head to the hospital. 5 days later, I was finally discharged with a diagnosis of reactive arthritis. Basically, it is an inflammation of the knees which makes it painful to walk. Fortunately, it is not permanent, and within a month or two, it should be completely out of my body.
Yeah, I did the whole hospital gown thing. 

I spent a lot of time playing with my phone and looking at my feet. Hospitals are largely boring.

My mum is the worrying type. She brought in bags and bags of clothes, and most importantly, my camera and laptop. 

View from my first room. In the foreground, the wards of the Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Women's Hospital. The field is University High, and the background is Parkville South. 

Over two days, skilled rheumatologists removed approximately 300 ml of fluid out of my inflamed knees.

I could see the air ambulance land from my room. 

View from my room. 


  1. Hope you get better soon mate, that sounds like a painful experience! Benefit is you have some cool photos from the hospital :P

  2. What Thom B said LOL..... Hope your feeling tip top in no time :) cool photos. i love the last one

  3. no comments about how amazing your girlfriend is, and that she brought you coffee, muffins, books, and dvds!