Saturday, October 8, 2011

Campaign for Women's Reproductive Rights Vs March For Babies

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of Victoria's laws allowing a woman to have an abortion. To mark this anniversary, approximately 1500 Pro-Life campaigners marched from the Fitzroy Gardens, to the fertility control (or abortion) clinic, through city, and finally, to the steps of parliament to campaign against these laws. To prevent these protestors from taking the steps of Parliament (and therefore the moral high-ground), approximately 150 Pro-Choice campaigners arranged their own march and protest. Their march's met at approximately 3pm. Police formed a barrier and kept the crowd under control. 

Pro-Life campaigners hand out signs. 

Police caution a Pro-Life campaigner during a confrontation between the two opposing groups. 

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice campaigners confront each other at the step's of Parliament. 

Cindy Collins of Louisiana Abortion Recovery Alliance speaks to the Pro Life protestors at the steps of Parliament, Melbourne.

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