Saturday, July 18, 2015

Reclaim Australia

 A right wing protest dubbed 'Reclaim Australia' marched through capital cities to mark Eid al-Fitr aiming to 'reclaim Australia from the traitorous Left and the Islamisation of Australia' leading to counter-protests and clashes with police. 

Left wing  protestors assemble to block 'Reclaim Australia' protestors from assembling at Parliament House. 

A Reclaim Australia protestor confronts the police cordon. 

Antifa left wing protestors searched by police. 

The 'Reclaim Australia' protestor who was photographed with swastikas tattooed on the back of his head. 

Far right Evangelist pastor and politician Danny Nalliah addresses the 'Reclaim Australia' protestors

Clashes between protestors and the police

Capsicum spray

A young woman affected by capsicum spray staggers back from the police line. 

Protestors use milk to reduce the effects of the capsicum spray. 

Nationalist and antifa protestors clash in Little Bourke St, near the corner of Spring Street. 

Antifa protestors set up barricades on Little Bourke Street.  

Police use capsicum spray to disperse protestors on the corner of Little Bourke St and Spring St. 

Antiracism protestors burn a 'Reclaim Australia' sign. 

Anti-Racism protestors heckle departing Reclaim Australia protestors. 

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