Monday, January 5, 2015


With the year but a few days old, I've decided to crack down and actually start working on my website. While this sounds like a simple task, I've decided to torture myself by reworking and reedit all my past folios. Here are some pics from the night sky.

21 October 2009, Melbourne, Victoria. Seagulls fly in spotlights above the city.

8 December 2009, Mildura, Australia. After working all day shooting film stills in the blistering sun, my friend Joe and I were head back to our accommodation. Joe was driving the car and kindly pulled up on a quiet desert road. We cracked up some Bob Dylan on the stereo and lay on the hot tarmac for half an hour while mosquitos buzzed about. As we discussed everything and nothing, the camera's shutter caught the Milky Way trail above us.

07 December 2009, Mildura, Australia. Termites fly in an outback barn

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