Saturday, August 9, 2014


I've spent the last few weeks run off my feet. I've been working with Youth With A Mission Medical Ships Australia - A non-denominational Christian organisation which provides health care to rural Papua New Guinea. Over the past fortnight volunteers from around the world helped treat patients in rural PNG; some who had never seen doctors or dentists in their lives.

I'm currently busy editing and my internet in PNG is a little slow, so I will be updating more pics once I get to Singapore.

07 August 2014, Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. A young child  from Mirimailau village rests on the remnants of a mosquito net after receiving immunisations from Youth With A Mission volunteers. Mirimailau is located in the remote Gulf Province of Papua New Guinea where quality health care can be sparse.

Correction 11 August 2014. This was originally posted with the village name Kivaumai No 1 Village. Kivaumai No 1 is located nearby to Mirimailau, Gulf Province - Mat

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  1. Amazing photo. Looking forward to seeing more of your work Mat. Cheers