Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Martial Law Day 1

In the wake of a six months of violent protests and a tense political standoff, the Royal Thai Military has declared a 'State of Emergency' and a instituted martial law. The order without government permission in the early hours of this morning. Media outlets were closed and guarded by armed soldiers. The political situation is somewhat tense, however, a different story follows on the streets. Passers by have taken the opportunity to stop and pose for 'selfies' with soldiers while the stand off continues.  More to follow...

Soldiers stand guard outside Thailand's 11 NBT TV station. 

A police officer looks on as Thai soldiers set up position on Ratchadamri Rd. A calendar with HRH Bhumibol Adulyadej sits on the wall of the office. 

Soldiers take position out the front of Royal Thai Police Headquarters, near Siam

Tourists pose for photos in a Royal Thai Army helmet. 

A Royal Thai Army Master Sergeant sleeps in his Humvee 

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