Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tick tick tick

The situation in Bangkok is growing increasingly ominous as tension between the United Front For Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD - commonly associated with red) and Peoples Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC - commonly associated with yellow) rises. 
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's likely imminent removal from power has led to tens of thousands of UDD supports rallying to her aid on the outskirts of Bangkok. Meanwhile, thousands of PDRC protestors have been camping in Lumpini Park. Bellicose threats from both parties add to the uncertainty around the world's most visited city. 
Here are some images from the first day of the UDD camp at Utthayan Road.

One thing both sides have in common with each other is mass produced crap. 

The man with the white face pain is the UDD shaman.  Allegedly he poured blood on the steps of the government buildings during the 2010 uprising. The rifle in the pic isn't real. 

UDD supporters turn up around dusk.

Crowds flock in to the protest site. 

Pets welcome. They may not have any effin idea whats going on, but they are welcome. 

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