Monday, February 3, 2014

Pre-Election Violence

1 February, Lak Si, Bangkok, Thailand. 

'Respect my Vote' and pro-government protestors gather at Wat Laksi, Bangkok to protest antigovernment protestors blocking access to election ballot papers. At approximately 3 pm, the pro-government protestors moved towards the building which contained the papers. 

Antigovernment protestors amassed at the top of the road which the ballot papers were in. Pro-government defenders picked up poles to defend the rest of the pro-government protestors.  

Antigovernment protestors fortify the road leading to the government building containing ballot papers. Slightly off frame was a man who had a blanket around him. The antigovernment guards told us he had a cough. It was pretty obvious he was concealing a weapon. 

Antigovernment protestors drove to the intersection which the red protestors had settled. Angry pro-government protestors started throwing rocks and improvised explosives at the antigovernment protestors.

Antigovernment protestors responded with gunfire. This red protestor had a bullet graze his rib. 

Antigovernment protestors crouch to take cover from rocks and improvised explosives.

An antigovernment protestor takes cover and keeps watch for red shirt protestors.

Antigovernment protestors start firing with an automatic rifle.

Antigovernment protestors fire an automatic rifle. 

James Nachtwey shortly before he was shot through the leg. Fortunately, no serious damage was done and he was back shooting the next morning.

An antigovernment protestor uses a slingshot to fire fireworks and improvised explosives. 

An antigovernment protestor fires a submachine gun. 

Photographer Nikolaj Svennevig runs for cover after gunfire escalated where we were taking cover. 

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