Monday, September 30, 2013

Timber Beams

Before I left for Saigon, my uncle's mother sat with me and told me to call her grandmother. She told me she remembered my mum and that she was kind and gentle natured. She then proceded to tell me about her house. 

The hardwood beams that supported the roof were taken from an old timber house built by her grandfather. Considering she is 97, she told me that made the house at least 200 years old. The house sat in a rice paddy which lay as a strategic advantage to the Viet Cong, who in 1964 told her that they would take the house. It was with that, she had the house demolished and moved to a junction on the main road a few kilometres from where the house was. The beams, some furniture, and a wall was all that was left of the place.

She told me to take care of myself, and to visit soon, lest she not be there. I snuck this photo, and shortly after, my driver arrived to take me to Saigon.

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