Saturday, July 20, 2013

Australia's Day of Shame

Here are images from the snap protest that arose from yesterday's abhorrent decision by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Protestors march down Swanston Street to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship 
Federal Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young sheds tears during her speech condemning the governments policy change.

Protestors brave the wintery Melbourne weather at the steps of the State Library

Protestors chanting while marching up Bourke St, Melbourne.

John Gulazri of Dandenong represented Melbourne's Hazara Community. 

Lucy Honan of the Refugee Action Collective

Despina Kiriakidis of Castlemaine stood vigil on the steps of the State Library. This was not a set up shot. 


  1. Thanks for the photos. They capture the day so well.

  2. Thanks for sharing