Sunday, May 26, 2013

9 Out Of 10

Mum's health hasn't been great lately. Her pain meds just aren't doing it. She's been feeling nauseas, but on the other hand, she hasn't really been eating. Codeine based pain meds make you blocked up, so there was close to a week where she couldn't use the bathroom. After the second or third day where she tried convincing me she was fine, we went to hospital. After a few days, she started to improve, but a day later she wasn't doing too well.

After I had arrived home from shooting a job, she told me she had thrown up earlier, but that she was now fine and had held down some beetroot and apple juice. She then threw up across me. She then asked me to rub her back and tried to sleep sitting up to ease her pain. The next day, we went through emergency again. That was 5 days ago.

It's been a long week. I'm probably not the right frame of mind to keep typing.
Mum was feeling cold. She was in a fair bit of pain and the endone wasn't really taking the edge off her pain. 

Talking to the study nurse about mum's condition. 

After being admitted through emergency, finally a room. 

Mum's room overlooked the northern suburbs. She was trying to identify landmarks from her window. 

My aunt's visit my mum in hospital.

Struggling to find an appetite. 

Mum asked me if she looked skinny. She told me anyone who had visited her had told her she had looked sick, tired, and skinny. 

After mum had spent four days in bed, she asked me to walk with her through the hospital. After hours, the place is devoid of visitors. Other than the occasional orderly or security guard, the place is a bit of a ghost town. Mum was watching it from the glass walkway of level 5. 

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  1. Beautiful images Mat, Well done for doing this. Richard Jupe