Saturday, January 26, 2013


IT was almost two years ago that my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer. It almost feels like yesterday. Shortly after she was diagnosed, we went to the lunar new year celebrations in Footscray. Tết as it is known in Vietnamese, is a major celebration in Vietnamese culture and I knew it meant a lot to my mum. We went to the festivals and I knew that it was a special moment. Each year as Tết passes, I try and spend as much time as I can with mum. The reality is I don't know if she will make it to the next one. Last weekend, I had the privilege of spending another Tet celebration in Footscray. We went around sunset and enjoyed the sights, sounds, and most enjoyably, the food. It was here that I took the photo below. Mum thinks it makes her look old/unwell. I love the picture.

Last thursday, Mum went in for a regular CT scan. She has been having them each 6 weeks as part of her trial. On Friday morning, doctors told her that the tumour had grown by 30% and that the trial medication she was on is no longer effective. There is no more conventional treatment for her cancer. There are no more phase 3 trials. Everything from here on is experimental. This concept terrifies me. 

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