Saturday, September 29, 2012

Codeine Linctus

Two months ago, mum started a new round of chemo. The doctors said that it would be much milder than her first dose of chemo through IV (which she had initially had some fairly nasty reactions too). This round would allow her to keep her hair, and hopefully would keep her tumors stable for a year or more.

Three or four weeks after she started, she started coughing. Two more rounds of chemo and the coughing didn't ease. The doctors prescribed her some codeine, and suggested that perhaps the chemo wasn't working. An MRI confirmed that last wednesday. 

There is now no more conventional approved treatments for her cancer. We are now looking at clinical trials.

Mum is coping quiet well. Every night, she sits behind her laptop and watches youtube videos which her friends have sent her.  This pic was taken 

Mum's doctor looks at her latest MRI and confirms that the cancer is indeed growing. 

Slices of Lingzhi mushroom, a herbal medicine used to slow tumor metastasis.

With conventional treatment failing, mum has turned to herbal medicine. She has started boiling a mixture of lingzhi mushrooms, grasses, and other herbs into a tea. About 18 months ago, I photographed her cooking spring rolls in the kitchen. The reason this image is in colour is it reminds me of those photographs. 

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