Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Singapore (PT I)

Upon landing in Singapore, we didn't really have a great deal of plans. I guess one of the first things to comment on in the city is everything is clean. And I don't mean like there is no dust or whatever, I mean impeccable. No graf, no litter, and a distinct lack of cigarette butts, empty soft drink cans and the like. And unlike other South East Asian cities, tap water is potable, and you don't have to worry about playing russian roulette with food.

The downside of this amazing city is that everything is generally pretty pricy. I guess it's a bad reflection on me, but I measure costs of living by beers. A longneck Tiger beer in Melbourne or Sydney would cost about $10-15 at a bar. In Dili, it would set you back about $4-5 US dollars. In Indonesia, probably the same, or a bit less. In Singapore, a 375 ml bottle of Tiger (which is brewed in Singapore) costs $16 dollars! sadlgjdsW#$@#agjko!

On the other hand, public transport is cheap and extremely easy to use. There is a beautiful blend of different cultures, food is amazing, and art galleries and museums are everywhere. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to spend a great deal of time there, but enjoy my travel pics!

When pouring through souvenir shops, theres heaps of stuff saying 'Singapore is a fine city' with pics of the above on it. I don't know how much truth is in it, but apparently you can be fined for not flushing public toilets. Here is a pic from the MRT rail service.
Mum at the market. I kinda went crazy and bought a heap of starfruit and mangostien. 
Pegs at the Chinese restaurant we ate at.  The food was delicious and really cheap. 
Little India, Singapore. There were heaps of shops which sell traditional Indian dress. I didn't realise there was such a demand?
One of many Indian dress shops in an Indian dress shop complex, Singapore. 
I was pretty excited when I found out that you could buy jumbo size coconut juices from vending machines. 

Mum and I scored a table next to the beautiful River. We had a giant chilli crab for dinner - one of the dishes Singapore is famous for. 

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