Thursday, June 28, 2012

So now I'm in Kuala Lumpur

So, for those who have me on Facebook, you are probably wondering why I am in Asia. I guess holidays are meant to be happy, but the justification for this one is not.

Mum just over two weeks ago, mum's doctors told her that her cancer had started growing again. Just over two months after completing chemo, she will have to start the regime again. This time, her dosage is fairly indefinite. When the cancer starts growing again, we will have to switch to a different type of chemo, and so on. The doctors also told her that this would be her last opportunity to travel, so it was better she go sooner than later. Less than a week after that appointment, we landed in Singapore.

The next few posts on this blog will have been images taken from that appointment and be a retrospective travel diary. I guess it is only really fit to start with images of that aforementioned appointment.
The doctor shows us the CT scan images of her lungs. Although the tumor has only grown two millimetres, it means that her current treatment is no longer working. 

Mum lies on a hospital bed while being given a ECG. 

Mum prays every morning after waking and before sleeping at night. This was taken a day after being given the bad news.

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  1. These photos are incredibly intimate and moving. Thank you. They remind me of my own experiences with loved ones and cancer. I wish more people could see these photos.