Monday, December 12, 2011

Off at the North Fitzroy Bowls Club

Okay, so this is no Glen E Friedman shot. In fact, its a pretty crappy photo. But it has sentimental value to me. Off are an awesome new punk band formed the ashes of half a dozen awesome old punk bands. The lead singer, Keith Morris (centre), was in the infamous Black Flag and Circle Jerks. It was great to see them at a local bowls club in front of a relatively small audience on a ground level stage.

I went not intending to take any photos at all, but i figured, 'Hey, I'm here, the band is here, Chloe (my camera) is here'. I cracked of a few shots before my flash died. I shot this photo after being knocked on my arse and lying in the middle of a circle pit. That is my boot in the foreground. I was shooting from the hip. Between my legs. I am not sure how that works.. I think a guy fell on me after it, so I stashed my camera behind the stage and enjoyed the show. 

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