Friday, November 4, 2011

Moments Pass

When my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer, I spent months hoping, begging and praying for her to get better, or at least a few extra months of normality with her. Thankfully, somehow, I was granted this. Through our amazing oncologist and the advance of medical science, my mum was treated with a medication which targeted her cancer specifically and gave us a solid 6 months of respite from her symptoms. It has been amazing, but I knew it couldn't last.
The prescription which the doctor gave to my mum earlier today. 

Through her recent MRI scans, we have found that her tumors have started to metastasize and grow. Consequently, she will start chemo in a fortnight. Today has been nothing short of a kick in the guts.

Mum in that small alley off Bourke St earlier today. 

On the other hand, my mum is a tough cooky.  She took the news very well. I mean, we kind of had an inkling this would happen. Her response was to be tough and ready for it. After today's appointment, she was keen to go into the city to get some walking shoes so she could keep taking the dogs for a walk.
We strolled around the city for hours, had a coffee and cake. Her strength gives me strength and I am proud to be the son of such an amazing and strong woman. 

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