Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cancelled. Again.

I hate Chilean Volcanoes. So much. But really though, I don't hold this against anyone. Its just a bad bunch of crap that happened.  I must emphasize how amazing and professional Virgin have been. I have spent minimal times on hold, and they have gone above and beyond to try and ensure that I have been placed on the first available flights to Darwin.

While I was walking to pick up my luggage after hearing the flight was canned, they had already taken the liberty of finding passengers who were flying on to Darwin (My flight went via Perth), and printed me a boarding pass for the next flight out..

I am due to fly out of Melbourne tonight. (Third time's a charm!). This time tomorrow, I'll be in Darwin, and by Friday, Timor Leste!

People disembarking the boarded aircraft. The flight to Perth was canceled at the 11th hour.

Passengers at the Boarding Gate

Yep. That should have said 'DJ679 to Perth Boarding Now'... Grr...

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