Friday, April 22, 2011

I saw a family on a bike with an umbrella.

Okay. So I am not going to lie. I am writing this post because I am pinned down in the internet cafe. The cab driver pretty much ripped us off to get here, and it was hammering rain. It still is. Its not that I don't love tropical rain, I truly do. It's just that all my camera gear will get fried in it. Today, I went back to Bairo Pite Clinic. I revisited a few of the families who I had previously photographed, and gave them some prints (Thank you Mr Polaroid Printer Thingy). It's quiet humbling in the sense that most families in Timor Leste don't own a camera unless they are wealthy. The families who visit Dr Dan are anything but wealthy. So the shitty little sticker prints which I have just given to this mum may be the only record she has of her children.

We had an interesting meal at a restaurant with a fighting cock tethered to a cart out the front. I have no idea what we ate. I couldn't pronounce it. But we did wash it down with some jasmine ice tea, which was refreshing.

As much of Dili has shut down for easter, my projects have temporarily been put on hold. I may have to stay in Timor Leste for another week. I have been put in touch with a Aida, a Timorese lady who goes into the district (the bush) and trains Timorese traditional midwives. Next week will be fairly as I will be out shooting agricultural elements of Baucau, as well as wherever the wind takes me. By wind, I mean serendipitous contact with Malay and Timorese people.

Tomorrow morning will involve me getting up at the stroke of dawn. As it is Easter Sunday, I will be heading in with a brother (we are all brothers and sisters here) to the bridge which crosses the Comoro River and we shall walk for about 2 kms up the road to pray.

Furthermore, I have taken to photographing interesting graffiti around town. I am not claiming it as my work, but that of a brave people, the majority of whom want peace. I will upload some more images when I get to Melbourne, but poor internet is getting in the way. I honestly thought I would miss Melbourne, but this place is so beautiful, and the people are amazing.

Mat - Out
If this makes no sense and is just a ramble, it is because I am tired, and this is the first thing that comes to my head and creeps to my fingertips.

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