Friday, March 18, 2011


Approximately 6-7 weeks ago, my mum underwent a bronchoscopy as part of the diagnostic process to pinpoint the precise genetic mutation that led to her type of cancer. Approximately 2 weeks ago; we recieved the results. It was good news. She was positive for a particular strain which qualified her for a targeted specific form of chemo with the brand name Iressa.

She has since been on it for 11 days now with some noticeable change. Her breathing has drastically improved, and her energy levels have allowed her to do some gardening and to head to the market. Shes been watching TV, staying up later, and experiencing less pain.

After watching a doco on Australian Immigration (Immigration Nation, SBS - I really recommend it), she told me about her story. She told me about how she was processed at a refugee processing centre in Malaysia, about how she worked at Verbatim, studied accounting (which she dropped out of due to the language gap), studied English at Myer (they apparently it there at some stage), how she came to her job at Australia Post, and how my family settled in Melbourne.

Mum taking her chemo and pain-killing medication.
My uncle and my mum waiting at Royal Melbourne Hospital
Every morning, my mum faces out of her bedroom window towards the Buddhist temple across the valley from our house.

Yesterday, Mum insisted that we go the market. Last week, she could not get out of bed.
My Aunt and I put in money and bought my mum a new TV. She watches Asian soap operas almost every night. 

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  1. These are really beautiful Mat, I hope you're mum is doing well.